One of the best ways to drive traffic is using video marketing. When i mention video marketing, it means we will use video to drive traffic to website or buy product. A research did by Demand Metric, 70% marketers says that video marketing performs better than any other content for conversions. But, producing videos required efforts and in some cases requires thousands of dollars. Therefore, with this article, ReviewBro would like to share 3 Simple Ways to Turn Article into Video in Minutes for free.

Why Video Marketing

Internet users are significantly watching videos nowadays. In average, they spent 6 hours a day on internet and 91% of them are watching videos every month. So, never lose this chance to get traffic from videos. But remember, always create meaningful and powerful content to get best convertion rate. To always right in time, it’s important for you to create videos very fast and spent less. Here is our tips to turn your article or blog post into video in less than 5 minutes.

1. Turn Article into Video Using Powerpoint

One of the most powerful tool that we all have is the office. We just need to know how to use it properly and hack it to our advantages.

Step 1: Copy-Paste your article to Txt or Microsoft Word

Some tips that you need to know about preparing your content before you imported it to Power Point:

  • Every paragraph in the doc can be its PowerPoint slide. Hence, the shorter your paragraphs will be the better. One-sentence paragraphs best work. Juts point out the very important statement
  • Include article title, it will be Video Subject.
  • Add some new comments or conjunction to make it more enggageable
  • While you can make use of your site article as can be, I firmly advise modifying it for dimensions. To make it simple and easy to manage.
  • Avoid adding more areas between paragraphs; they’ll become blank slides inside your PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2: Export it or Save Document as..

Since your blog post will be short and sweet, then save this as

text file (. txt) on Mac;
or perhaps
Word doc on Windows.

Yes, it’s important instructions or maybe your document may not properly import straight into PowerPoint.

Some tips:

  • In case you use Word Describe feature to format your website post, PowerPoint will take up the same heading designs.
  • For instance, Heading just one will become a slip title, Heading 2 may become the first levels of text, and and so forth.
  • If you carry out use Word Outline, help make sure to save your own doc as a Full Text Format (. rtf) file.

Step 3: Import to PowerPoint

Import Outline into Powerpoint

In home tab > New Slide > Outline

Sit back and see how your article magically become arrangable slides.

Step 4: Style the Slides

At this stage, you can freely style it as you want. Choose animation, change font, add animation, add music/sound, etc. Here’s how:

  1. Click on any slide in the left-hand preview sidebar to select it.
  2. Edit => Select All.
  3. With all slides selected, go to Layout and choose the one you wish to use. You can also use template that you buy on internet if you wish.
  4. Add any other effect that you want to show to your viewers.

This is the example that we can do with powerpoint:

Pro Tips:

If you wish to get the  template for more instant process with premium effect, just purchase it as same as you buy a cup of coffee, it just $5.

Step 5: Export or Record it

If you use Microsot Powerpoint for MacOS (2011, 2019, and the Office 365 subscription), you can immediately export to Videos in export section.

Just go to File >> Export.

don’t go to Save as.. because there will be no export to video option.

How to export slides to video

Or, you can also use Filmora to record screen while you play the presentation. Then you can edit and insert another voiceover.

2. Create Article Video Using Content Samurai

Another tips to turn article into video is using this powerful web-base tool. Honestly, i have never seen like this before.

This is how to convert your article into AMAZING video in 5 minutes or less.

Content Samurai Full Feature for Free

It includes:

  • Video Design and Clips (provided by Content Samurai or you can upload too)
  • Script Positioning
  • Clip Transition and timing
  • Music Background (provided by Content Samurai or you can upload your own music too)
  • Voiceover (provided by Content Samurai or you can upload your own voiceover too)
  • Create our own watermark (provided by Content Samurai or you can upload your own watermark too)

And not only was it easy to do, I actually really enjoyed doing it. (and that’s not something I would usually say about making videos).

Look, you simply won’t believe how easily you can now produce really cool videos until you’ve tried it…

After you see the feature above, you might think this tool is so expensive. NO!!

You can try it out for free with no obligation to buy via the link below. Yes, a web based application to turn article into video that you can try for free!

So go check it out now, TRUST me, you’ll be glad you did…